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Welcome to the Drone catalogue. Over the Years we have been making a wide selection of CDs.
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Cat No: DROCD045
Artist: Kraja
Album: Under himmelens fäste
Year of release: 2008
Sound Sample: Si god afton och god kväll speaker
Kraja consists of Linnea Nilsson, Eva Lestander, Lisa Lestander and Frida Johansson. They are all from Umeå in the north of Sweden and formed the group in the spring of 2002 prior to the Umeå Folk Festival, where they made their debut. Typical for Kraja?s music are their unique four part harmony song arrangements and the repertoire comprises traditional Swedish folk songs, love songs, humorous songs, dance lilts and chorales, in addition to some material of their own. The word ?Kraja? is in the Sami language and means ?the place you long for?. Following their cd debut with ?Vackert Väder? in 2005 (DROCD 040), critics and audiences have warmly embraced Kraja and the group has enjoyed performing for audiences all over Sweden, and in Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine and Estonia. This summer there will be a string of concerts both in Sweden and abroad, including Russia and Iceland. Work on a new album to follow Vackert Väder has been in progress since 2006, and this time Kraja has chosen to focus on some of Sweden?s most cherished folksongs. The new cd ?Under himmelens fäste? (Under the sky) includes such well known favourites as Uti vår hage, En gång i min ungdom, En sjöman älskar havets våg, Jag vet en dejlig rosa and, of course, Allt under himmelens fäste.
Cat No: DROCD044
Artist: Olov Johansson
Album: I lust och glöd
Year of release: 2007
Sound Sample: Polska efter Erlandsson speaker
This music and these instruments aroused my interest when I was 14 years old, and I have been sold ever since. Although I compose new music and play in all sorts of contexts, I always return with passion, enthusiasm and with many new influences to the traditional tunes and catchy playing that my early heroes cultivated. When I started thinking about this, my second solo recording, I decided at an early stage to record it at home in my own music room. It is in its own little house and goes by the name of 'Torpet' (little cottage). The microphones have been set out ready for several months and I have recorded when I could. I also decided early on that this would be a simple, fun recording of tunes, solo or duet. I have invited some of my friends in and we have recorded tunes we like playing together. Playing melody and second part / accompaniment as a duo, where just two people make all the music is an enjoyable and free way of playing together that suits me very well. The process of getting closer to each others' way of playing and timing and of working together to form and arrange a tune is intriguing. All the tunes were recorded at home in the 'Torpet' except those with Catriona, which were recorded at her home In Glasgow. Olov Johansson Guests: Mikael Marin, Markus Svensson, Kalle Almlöf & Catriona McKay
Cat No: DROCD043
Artist: Sågskära
Album: Orm
Year of release: 2006
Sound Sample: Hvenormen speaker
Orm is the fifth record from the folk group Sågskära! The group resides in Värend, one of the small lands that give the county of Småland its name. From this ancient microcosm Sågskära makes occasional excursions to completely different musical worlds? Fiddles, voices, drums, harp, hurdy-gurdy and guitar are among the instruments that contribute to Sågskära?s special sound. The music spans the field between medieval drones and modern folk music and balances innovation with the preservation of older musical stylistic features.
Cat No: DROCD042
Artist: Ranarim
Album: Morgonstjärna
Year of release: 2006
Sound Sample: Maj vare välkommen speaker
Ranarim is back with its eagerly awaited third album ? Morgonstjärna (Morning Star) With beautiful folk songs, a mix of traditional and newly composed Swedish folk music, Ranarim creates its own unique sound with vocals, keyed fiddle, guitar, bass fiddle and percussion. This fall brings release concerts to Sweden, Germany and Denmark, as well as a tour in Japan. During 2007, the group will go on tour in Argentina, Belgium/Holland and Scotland.
Cat No: DROCD041
Artist: Sofia Sandén
Album: Courage
Year of release: 2005
Sound Sample: Vinteren speaker
On Courage, singer and folk musician Sofia Sandén has chosen some of the finest folk tunes from her repertoire ? pearls from the rich folk music tradition in the Siljan area. Together with some of Sweden?s foremost folk musicians, she gives new life to the tunes with her warm and personal voice.
Cat No: DROCD040
Artist: Kraja
Album: Vackert Väder
Year of release: 2005
Sound Sample: Mig gör stor lust och glädje speaker
Kraja is a quartet consisting of four singers from Umeå: Linnea Nilsson, Eva Lestander, Lisa Lestander and Frida Johansson. They formed the group in 2001 and have quickly developed their music-making to an impressive level and built up a rich repertoire of traditional hymns, comical songs, love songs and lilted dance tunes. Many of the songs are taken from the local tradition of Västerbotten, some are from other parts of Scandinavia and some are newly composed. Kraja have arranged all the songs for four voices ? elegant, harmonious and very beautiful. They have captured audiences around Sweden for some years now and now it is time for their debut album, filled with Kraja?s many-faceted vocal music.
Cat No: DROCD039
Artist: Pettersson & Fredriksson
Album: Virek
Year of release: 2005
Sound Sample: Häxan speaker
Daniel Pettersson and Daniel Fredriksson seek new forms of acoustic expression. Using mandola and various nyckelharpas they explore both the local Swedish folk music tradition of Västerbotten and an inner, personal landscape. ?Virek? is their second album, a sequel to their first album ?Brand? from 2002. The music is varied, playful and full of ideas and influences from rock, jazz and art music. Most of the tunes are composed by Pettersson and Fredriksson, however, the imaginative arrangements sometimes make it hard to hear which tunes are traditional and which are not.
Cat No: DROCD038
Artist: Johan Hedin
Album: Innersta polskan
Year of release: 2004
Sound Sample: Ljus speaker
Johan Hedin is one of the most respected nyckelharpa players in Sweden today. On this album, a tribute to the Polska, he present a collection of own compositions for nyckelharpa, mostly played solo. On some tracks he is joined by percussionist Fredrik Gille.
Cat No: DROCD037
Artist: Ulrika Bodén
Album: Rätt nu är det på tiden
Year of release: 2004
Sound Sample: Rätt nu är det på tiden speaker
When Ulrika Bodén made the album "Vålje å vrake" a few years ago she thought it would be the end of several years work during which she had immersed herself in the Ångermanland song tradition. Ulrika thought she had an idea of what there was and that she had presented a personal selection. However, when people started to get in touch in response to the record, with tips on where she could look further, sending manuscripts by post, and passing on their own songs the idea of follow-up was born. It is not a case of a repertoire being collected with lots of songs by one and the same bearer of the tradition, but more a puzzle where Ulrika has taken the time to find individual pieces and fit them into the picture.
Cat No: DROCD036
Artist: Raun
Album: Dance Jon
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Prövningen speaker
Raun's music is based on heavy percussion together with drones and singing. The musicians come from various musical backgrounds and together they try to find a primeval musical sound. Some of the songs are newly composed, others are traditional, but they have all been remolded by Raun into their blend of modern urban rhythms and ancient rural traditions. Raun consists of Helena Ek, vocals and fiddle, Magnus Ek, percussion, Göran Månsson, recorders, shawm and percussion, and Harald Pettersson, hurdy-gurdy, bowed lyre and shawm.
Cat No: DROCD035
Artist: Ian Carr & Niklas Roswall
Album: Step on it!
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Gahn Blenk! speaker
Ian Carr is well known as a guitar player in various settings, e.g. Swåp and Kathryn Tickell Band. Niklas Roswall is a nyckelharpa player who became world champion on his instrument in 1996 and plays with the groups Ranarim and Nyckelharporkestern. On this new album we get to hear them as a duo. Their innovative and experimental approach to the tunes opens up new roads for both instruments within the genre. The material consists of both traditional tunes from Sweden and new compositions by Niklas and Ian.
Cat No: DROCD034
Artist: Susanne Rosenberg
Album: Krokar länkar och krus
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Ack kära så säg speaker
This CD presents old folk chorales in a tasteful modern setting of two voices and two cellos. Susanne Rosenberg is one of Sweden's best-known folk singers, and has performed with groups such as Rotvälta and Rosenbergs sjua, as well as making music for theatre plays and crossovers with other musical genres. On this CD Susanne sings together with Eva Åström-Rune, and Leo Svensson and Mats Olofsson provide backing on cello. All of these musicians are well-known within Swedish traditional music. The repertoire on this album comes from all over Sweden, with some excursions to Estonia and Norway. The folk chorales originate from the chorale book of 1697, but have changed considerably over the years, with ornaments added here and there, until they are full of "bends, links and curls".
Cat No: DROCD033
Artist: Lure
Album: Prins i Puttalandet
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Principuttalandet speaker
This is the second CD from the group Lure, formerly called Valramn. Their music opens up an interesting world of sounds, full of unusual timbres, musical ideas and improvisations. Lure's repertoire is mostly based on traditional music from southern Sweden
Cat No: DROCD032
Artist: Nyckelharporkestern
Album: N.H.O
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Stora Vinterpolskan speaker
This is the third album from this group consisting of six of Sweden's foremost nyckelharpa players. Their first two albums were dedicated to the music of the old masters of this instrument, Eric Sahlström and Byss-Calle, but this new recording contains new compositions by the members of the band themselves. This album is the result of their efforts to explore the possibilities of the nyckelharpa and create new music for ensemble playing. The musicians are Niklas Roswall, Johan Hedin, Ola Hertzberg, Henrik Eriksson, Marcus Svensson and Olov Johansson. Besides the traditional chromatic nyckelharpa, they play the old moraharpa and the recently invented octave, alto and tenor nyckelharpas.
Cat No: DROCD031
Artist: Ranarim
Album: För världen älskar vad som är brokot
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Skulle jag sörja speaker
This album is the follow-up to Ranarim's much acclaimed first CD from 2000. Their first CD was also released in the US and Japan, and was followed by tours around the world. Now they have gathered to make a new album, where they have added two more instrumentalists to the former quartet: Anders Larsson, double bass and Sebastian Notini, percussion. The four other members are still the same: Ulrika Bodén and Sofia Sandén, vocals, Niklas Roswall, nyckelharpa and Jens Engelbrecht, guitar and mandola. Their music is still based on old songs in modern arrangements, which paint a vivid, dramatic world full of excitement, love and enchantment.
Cat No: DROCD030
Artist: Göran Månsson
Album: Inland
Year of release: 2002
Sound Sample: Liv speaker
Göran Månsson is one of Sweden's most dynamic recorder and flute players within traditional and early music, and plays with groups such as Raun, Månsson & Åberg and Frispel. On this new solo album, Göran shows that recorders, flutes and whistles, though not so commonly heard, are indeed suitable instruments for traditional Swedish music. He takes the playing to new technical levels on recorders of varying sizes, down to the sub contra bass recorder, as well as wooden flutes and traditional wooden whistles. The playing style is very varied, from flowing to percussive, and the tune settings vary just as much. The repertoire comprises both traditional and newly composed material and it takes the listener back to Göran's musical roots in Haverö in central Sweden.
Cat No: DROCD029
Artist: Anders Nygårds & Magnus Stinnerbom
Album: Dalahyl
Year of release: 2003
Sound Sample: Funk Fars speaker
Both Anders Nygårds from Rättvik in Dalarna and Magnus Stinnerbom from Värmland are young fiddlers who have already acquired certain fame. Anders plays with the group Klacklek, and Magnus plays with the groups Harv and Hedningarna. Anders and Magnus first met in 1998, and since then their playing together has developed and won acclaim among connoisseurs. This album is their first as a duo, with music mostly from Rättvik, sprinkled with a few tunes from other parts.
Cat No: DROCD028
Artist: Harv
Album: Töst
Year of release: 2002
Sound Sample: Töst speaker
Harv started off as a duo consisting of the young fiddlers Daniel Sandén-Warg and Magnus Stinnerbom, but now for their third album they have become a quartet. The two new members are Christian Svensson on drums and percussion and Peter Ståhlgren on guitar. Most of the tunes are original compositions by Magnus, and many of them were originally written as theatre music, but they sound quite different in Harv's settings, which are more suited for the dance floor. On this new album, Harv have developed their unique sound further and are now aspiring to become the foremost folk music party band in Sweden.
Cat No: DROCD027
Artist: Pettersson & Fredriksson
Album: Brand
Year of release: 2002
Sound Sample: Oravais speaker
This is the debut album from two young musicians from northern Sweden, who have played together for five years. Daniel Pettersson plays the nyckelharpa and became world champion of that instrument in 2000, and Daniel Fredriksson plays the mandola. The music on this recording consists of old tunes from Västerbotten and Lappland in northern Sweden, mixed with a few new compositions. All these tunes are dressed up in modern clothes, with influences from other genres and free improvisations, but all within the bounds set by two acoustic instruments.
Cat No: DROCD026
Artist: Höökensemblen
Album: Polski Dantz
Year of release: 2002
Sound Sample: Polonesse speaker
Seven years ago the ensemble Höök made their first CD, which presented music from old books from the 18th century. Now they have made a follow-up, where they go even further back, to the 17th century, and bring the listener along on a journey around Scandinavia and the Baltic countries with melodies popular at the time. They play the music on fiddles, viola, cello and other strings. They have also invited some guests to play lute and recorders. Just as on their first CD they approach this repertoire in a free and loving way, without paying too much attention to conventions of interpretation and performance. Is it baroque or folk music? Quite simply music!
Cat No: DROCD025
Artist: Olle Lindvall
Album: Olle Lindvall
Year of release: 2002
Sound Sample: Båtstenarna speaker
The guitar has seldom been heard as a melody instrument in Swedish folk music, but Olle Lindvall has changed that. In his hands it sounds as if crooked Orsa polskas were always played on the guitar. His debut album contains his own compositions and traditional tunes, mostly from around his home in northern Dalarna. Apart from guitar, he also plays some tunes on the Härjedalspipa, a wooden whistle with blue notes. If you thought you knew what Swedish folk music sounds like, this album will give you a new idea.
Cat No: DROCD024
Artist: Ulrika Bodén
Album: Vålje å Vrake
Year of release: 2001
Sound Sample: Giftasvisan speaker
This is the first solo album from one of Sweden's great voices, Ulrika Bodén, who has already recorded with a number of groups: Kalabra, Rosenbergs sjua, Sälta and Ranarim. Here we get to hear her clear voice in a varied selection of songs from her home district of Ångermanland. She sings a few unaccompanied songs, but on most tracks she is joined in tasteful contemporary arrangements by her musical friends Jens Engelbrecht on guitar, mandola and kantele, Anders Norudde on bagpipes, whistles, fiddle, moraharpa and bowed lyre, and Niklas Roswall on nyckelharpa and zither.
Cat No: DROCD023
Artist: Sågskära
Album: Apelgrå
Year of release: 2000
Sound Sample: Goddagen här inne speaker
Sågskära are a group from Smålan, in the south of Sweden, which have been around for many years and recorded a number of albums. In this new collection Sågskära capture some of the rich and remarkable musical heritage of the Swedish Christmas. Many musical styles and religious practises have left their mark on this music over the years, from fertility rites to Medieval Catholic rituals. You can hear it all in the mixture presented on this recording: Christmas songs, singing games, mythical ballads, St. Stephenís songs, Lucia songs, Christmas carols and Christmas dances. They are old songs and tunes, with voices and old instruments in new arrangements.
Cat No: DROCD022
Artist: Nyckelharporkestern
Album: Byss-Calle
Year of release: 2000
Sound Sample: Vals efter Byss-Calle speaker
On their first recording (DROCD006) Nyckelharpsorkestern played the music of Eric Sahlström. On this their second album they go further back to the music of Byss-Calle (1783-1847). Nyckelharpa hits from the first half of the 19th century, mostly dance tunes, are presented here in varied arrangements by six of todayís best young players: Henrik Eriksson, Johan Hedin, Ola Hertzberg, Olov Johansson, Niklas Roswall and Markus Svensson. We hear them playing modern nyckelharpas of various sizes, as well as the older kontrabasharpa and moraharpa. This album contains a delightful mix of tracks: some solos and some involving two or more members of the group.
Cat No: DROCD021
Artist: Toxa
Album: Toxa
Year of release: 2000
Sound Sample: Kom och titta speaker
This is the first album from a trio whose music is characterised by tight and skilful playing. The members of Toxa are: Marie Axelsson on fiddle and vocals, Olle Lindvall on guitar and wooden whistle, and Olof Misgeld on fiddle. Together they have a vast treasure of old tunes, songs and ballads, as well as new compositions. Toxaís imaginative yet sparse arrangements make it hard to tell what is new and what is old, so that the all the tracks blend into a musical whole.
Cat No: DROCD020
Artist: Anders Norudde
Album: Kan Själv!
Year of release: 2000
Sound Sample: Rämmen speaker
Anders Norudde is best known as a member of Hedningarna, and this is his first solo album, where he proves that he is indeed a very talented solo musician on fiddle, Swedish bagpipes, moraharpa and willow flute. This album contains both traditional tunes that Anders has picked up and adapted to suit his taste, as well as a number of his own compositions, where he reveals his talent for creating good melodies. All of them are played with an inspiration that makes them sound fresh and new every time around.
Cat No: DROCD019
Artist: Ranarim
Album: Till Ljusan Dag
Year of release: 2000
Sound Sample: Stolt Ingrid speaker
Ranarim consists of singers Ulrika Bodén and Sofia Sandén, nyckelharpa player Niklas Roswall and guitar and mandola player Jens Engelbrecht. This is their first album, but they have all made other recordings. Ulrika and Sofia sing with Rosenbergs Sjua, and Ulrika also sings with Kalabra. Niklas has made a solo album and also plays with Nyckelharpsorkestern. Jens plays with the groups Hulling and B.A.R.K. Ulrikaís and Sofiaís voices complement each other well, and Niklasí and Jensí varied instrumental backing completes the sound of Ranarim: old songs and ballads in modern arrangements.
Cat No: DROCD018
Artist: Kurbitsgruppen
Album: Kurbits
Year of release: 1999
Sound Sample: Karl-Johanmarschen speaker
Dalarna is a region in Sweden well-known for its strong musical traditions. On \"Kurbits\" seven young folk musicians from Dalarna have the opportunity to show what the new generation of fiddlers and singers from Dalarna are capable of producing. Jonas Hjalmarsson, Anders Almlöf, Ida Täpp, Jenny Täpp, Zara Helje and Mattias Helje excel in a selection of fiddle solos, duets, trios and group playing. These are interspersed with songs by Sofia Sandén, whose voice has a rich and sincere tone. The tunes and songs are old and have passed the test of time, but in the hands of these adept young musicians they feel as fresh as ever
Cat No: DROCD017
Artist: Rosenbergs Sjua
Album: R7
Year of release: 1999
Sound Sample: Leja Tjänstepiga speaker
The unique sound of "Rosenberg's Septet" consists of four female voices: Susanne Rosenberg, Ulrika Bodén, Sofia Sandén, and Eva Åström-Rune, together with Sven Ahlbäck on fiddle, Ellika Frisell and Hadrian Prett on viola and Annika Wijnbladh on cello. It all started out with Susanne Rosenberg's album from 1996, and since then they have toured extensively, while developing and polishing their repertoire of Swedish folk songs in polyphonic arrangements. The result is the album R7, which contains a good mixture of humouristic songs full of life and energy, love songs and folk hymns that will touch your deepest feelings, and medieval ballads that will send shivers down your spine.
Cat No: DROCD016
Artist: Eter
Album: eter
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Sagan om S.t Örjan och draken speaker
Eter is a group of young musicians, who met at the music college in Ingesund. They play young folk music from Sweden and Norway, and a large part of their repertoire consists of their own compositions. Eter also have new views on how to play and arrange tunes, and season the arrangements with improvisation. Their unusual setting also gives an interesting sound to the songs and tunes. All of these young musicians are very talented, and together they drive folk music forward in new directions. Eter consists of Anna Johansson, fiddle, Emma Johansson, flute and vocals, Sofia Karlsson, vocals, and Leo Svensson, cello.
Cat No: DROCD015
Artist: Hulling
Album: Hårdhajen
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Om ett hundrade år speaker
This is the second album from Hulling, a group of five young musicians. Ola Hertzberg on nyckelharpa, Dan Sjöberg on fiddle, and Johanna Bölja on vocals have been playing and singing folk music for a long time, while Jens Engelbrecht on guitar and bouzouki and Patrik Lindberg on percussion have a background of jazz, rock, Latin and funk. On this recording we hear how their skill at playing together has developed since their first album three years ago. Hulling's music consists of a varied selection of dance tunes, songs and ballads in arrangements full of new ideas.
Cat No: DROCD014
Artist: Envisa
Album: Flod
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Den blomstertid nu kommer speaker
The three voices of Zara Tellander, Maria Ohlsson and Anders Larsson together make up the vocal trio of Envisa. On this album these three young singers have captured their own unique new sound. Here we hear songs of different kinds, and dance tunes arranged for lilting voices. The arrangements are truly innovative, and Envisa have also attracted much attention for their improvisation, with many spur of the moment ideas. Envisa also have a special interest in folk hymns, which they feel should be better known, since there is such a rich treasure of religious folk songs in the Swedish tradition.
Cat No: DROCD012
Artist: Curt Tallroth & Olov Johansson
Album: Örsprång
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Bonapartesmarschen speaker
Curt Tallroth comes from Harbo in northern Uppland, and plays fiddle, nyckelharpa, clarinet and guitar. Together with his brothers Ivar, Sven and Artur he has preserved a unique tradition from the legendary fiddler and nyckelharpa player August Bohlin. When Olov Johansson was 14 he met Curt for the first time, and this was the beginning of a long friendship. Olov plays nyckelharpa and fiddle, and is well known for playing with Väsen. On this recording we hear two master musicians playing together. You'll hear tunes they have played many times over the years, with a unique closeness between fiddle and nyckelharpa.
Cat No: DROCD011
Artist: Olov Johansson
Album: Storsvarten
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Ridmarsch efter Bohlin speaker
This is a solo album from one of Sweden's foremost nyckelharpa players. Olov is a stunning virtuoso, and received the title riksspelman in 1984, and in 1990 he became world champion on both the chromatic nyckelharpa and the old type of nyckelharpa. Olov's teachers on the nyckelharpa were Curt Tallroth and Eric Sahlström, but Olov does more than just stick to the tradition. He also plays modern arranged folk music with the group Väsen and also folk rock with the group Nordman. On this recording we get to hear Olov, both on his own, and together with some of his musical friends.
Cat No: DROCD010
Artist: Sågskära
Album: Krook
Year of release: 1998
Sound Sample: Inte sörjer jag speaker
"Krook!" is an independent sequel to DROCD007 HÖÖK! This time we meet music from the countryside from roughly the same region and period. In Värend in Småland in the 17th and 18th centuries, there was a strong tradition of music with both unique features and links to the music of surrounding areas, which has inspired this album. The instruments played on this recording include fiddles, shawms, bagpipes, harp and drums, and the tunes and songs create vivid soundscapes of weddings, life, death and magic. "Krook!" also introduces the Värend drum - a unique Swedish folk music instrument.
Cat No: DROCD009
Artist: Väsen
Album: Levande Väsen
Year of release: 1996
Sound Sample: Brudmarscher efter Byss-Calle speaker
On this CD we get to meet one of Sweden's top folk music bands on stage. This album was recorded at a concert in Västerås in 1995, and gives a good idea of what a concert with Väsen is like. Here they prove that they are not only one of the best Swedish folk music bands, but also one of the best live bands. One gets to hear not only their masterly playing, but also the improvisation which is a natural element of their concerts, and their wit when presentating tunes. They have a presence on stage which makes the audience feel they are part of what's happening.
Cat No: DROCD008
Artist: Möller/Berglund/Sörlin/Brändström
Album: Härjedalspipan
Year of release: 1996
Sound Sample: Ringländer-Halling speaker
"Härjedalspipa" is a kind of wooden whistle from Härjedalen in northwestern Sweden, with a unusual, sweet sound. Before this recording was made this instrument was very little known, but here Ale shows how it can be used today. Indeed, this recording has sparked a new interest in this whistle. The "härjedalspipa" has a special timbre and also its own special tonality, and Ale plays both the traditional form of this instrument and also a variety which has been made to play a "normal" scale. The "härjedalspipa" was traditionally a solo instrument, but here it is also played together with fiddles and zither.
Cat No: DROCD007
Artist: Höökensemblen
Album: Höök
Year of release: 1995
Sound Sample: Englische speaker
"Höök!" is the result of a project started by Magnus Gustafsson, to breathe life into old music collections from the 17th and 18th centuries. This has yielded an album which is very much alive with old music, and which brings to mind both baroque music and folk music. The players on this CD are seven musicians with musical experience from different areas. They have not tried to render an authentic reproduction of how the music sounded, but have created a living interpretation with a free approach to the music of the manuscripts, at the same time highlighting its diversity.
Cat No: DROCD006
Artist: Nyckelharporkestern
Album: Till Eric
Year of release: 1995
Sound Sample: Andakten speaker
Eric Sahlström (1912-1986) did more than anyone else in this century to spread the nyckelharpa and its music to all parts of Sweden. He also breathed new life into the nyckelharpa tradition through technical improvements on the instrument and through his many compositions. On this CD six young nyckelharpa players show that Eric's music is still very much alive. Johan Hedin, Ola Hertzberg, Olov Johansson, Anders Mattsson, Niklas Roswall and Marcus Svensson play Eric's compositions in their own arrangements, with both ensemble and solo playing.
Cat No: DROCD005
Artist: Sågskära
Album: Skärvor
Year of release: 1994
Sound Sample: Prolog/ Penningmarschen speaker
"Skärvor" is a collection of recordings of Sågskära made from 1984 to 1991. You can read more about the group Sågskära under DROCD 002. This recording contains mostly songs, but also a number of instrumental tunes. The musicians on this CD are: Magnus Gustafsson: fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, vocals, percussion. Erik Hector hummel, vocals. Per Olof Jakobsson: fiddle, mandolin, vocals, percussion. Gunilla Lundh-Tobiasson: vocals, accordion, recorders. Toste Länne: fiddle, vocals. Marie Länne-Persson: vocals, harp, guitar, crumhorn, percussion, various pipes and whistles. Torbjörn Nyqvist: guitar, fiddle, vocals.
Cat No: DROCD004
Artist: Väsen
Album: Vilda Väsen
Year of release: 1992
Sound Sample: Vrålkåda speaker
This is the second album from Väsen, made in 1992, and on it they develop their unique sound, style and ensemble playing even more. This album contains mostly tunes that Olov learnt from his teachers Curt Tallroth and Eric Sahlström, but also some new compositions by the members of the group, all of them played in interesting and tasteful arrangements. Olov Johansson on nyckelharpa, Roger Tallroth on guitar and Mikael Marin on viola are all extremely skilled on their instruments, and their music is full of playfulness and bubbling ideas.
Cat No: DROCD003
Artist: Erik Pekkari
Album: Högtryck
Year of release: 1992
Sound Sample: Kiljobryggarns Vals speaker
"Högtryck" means "High Pressure", and this is a good description of Erik Pekkari's music. Erik plays dance music on the diatonic accordion: Waltzes, schottisches, polkas, polskas and more. Here he shows that the diatonic accordion is definitely not a primitive instrument, but one on which one can make music of the highest standards, which is varied, dynamic and above all: Full of go! Erik has been inspired both by old recordings, notably those of the legendary accordionist Carl Jularbo, and also by the new generation of young folk musicians. This recording contains both solo tunes and tunes backed on zither, guitar and double bass.
Cat No: DROCD002
Artist: Sågskära
Album: Änglarnas Språk
Year of release: 1992
Sound Sample: Israels Barn speaker
Sågskära is a traditional music group based in Småland. The group was founded in 1981, and over the years they have developed a unique repertoire of tunes and songs from the south of Sweden, and have created their own style, which is based on both traditional playing of tunes and new musical ideas. On this album from 1992, Magnus Gustafsson plays the fiddle and sings, Toste Länne plays the fiddle, and Marie Persson plays guitar and harp and sings. Altogether a good, varied mixture of tunes and songs, most of which are from Småland.
Cat No: DROCD001
Artist: Väsen
Album: Väsen
Year of release: 1990
Sound Sample: Vals efter Jan-Olof Olsson speaker
Väsen has become one of Sweden's most well known and popular folk music groups, and this is their first album from 1990. Here the nyckelharpa player Olov Johansson and his companions Mikael Marin on the viola and Roger Tallroth on the guitar and oud opened up new frontiers in traditional music. Already here, Väsen have their own style with a good mixture of tradition and new ideas, and their playing is full of both virtuosity and feeling. This recording contains traditional tunes from Uppland, in Väsen's own arrangements. Olov plays both the chromatic nyckelharpa and kontrabasharpa.
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